Role: UI Design, research, conceptualization
Duration10 hours
Client: Design Challenge
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, XD, Photoshop


01 . overview

Peachy is a mobile application designed to help the user be more mindful of their food consumption and keep track of perishable food. This app is designed with the intention to encourage users to reduce the amount of food wasted.

This was a concept app created for a design challenge regarding the food waste experience. The prompt was open ended and available for interpretation depending on how the designer wanted to approach the problem. There were no restrictions on devices or platforms.


02 . features

The main screen gives the user the ability to quickly see the food they already have.

info card
Clicking into each entry opens up an info card that shows the quantity, expiration date and category. These can be edited.


add new
Users can easily add a new product from the menu. Name, quantity, expiration date and category can be edited according to each product.

to buy list
A basic list function for the user to keep track of groceries that may be needed.


This page allows the user to see their progress. Expired items are shown by a weekly basis.

The app can keep track of trends and suggest adjustments to the users buying behaviour in order to minimize the food waste created.

03 . ideation + research

I wanted to create something that was easy to use and could help the user keep track of food that were nearing expiration. This would remind the user to prioritize and consume these foods instead of letting it go to waste. I wanted this mobile app to be easy and accessible, with the ability to achieve its core functions without complications. The typical user for this app would be someone who has difficulty in keeping track of their food due to a busy schedule or are simply new to the process of cooking for themselves.


competitor analysis

Research for this project was limited due to the time constraints but I was able to find two mobile applications that were trying to tackle the same problem. While both apps were substantial enough to keep track of food, I felt that they also lacked a personal connection. Both of these apps were simply trackers and nothing more. For my design, I wanted to make something that users could feel encouraged by and see some kind of progress within themselves.

04 . branding




The logo is just simple a peach, following after it's name. Peachy was conceived with the idea of making sure everything is fine and wonderful.



The typeface is 'Avenir' on a medium weight for easy legibility and clean lines.


The colour palette consists of muted pink and green with a darker green and white for contrast.